Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

It was a day of most intense feelings. Scott felt belittled by his driving instructor on that day. The instructor implied that Scott was in no way ready to take his driving test, which was very different from the oral and written feedback given by the tester. His confidence was greatly reduced and shaken by the behaviour of the instructor. The progressed Moon also acted … Continue reading Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

Encounter with Mercurial People

I have been meeting three rather mercurial people as part of my work these few days. Two with Sun-Mercury conjunctions and one with Moon-Mercury conjunction. I doubt it’s a coincidence. What’s interesting is that I’m currently going through a Jupiter trine Mercury and Jupiter trine MC transit. Which makes me think that there’s perhaps a connection with the transit and the type of people that … Continue reading Encounter with Mercurial People