Moon in Air Signs

What does it mean to feel? Is it to have "feelings" of happiness, sadness, grief, etc. Emotional feelings? Mostly interestingly and unexpectedly, Oxford online dictionary defines the verb "feel" as "Experience (an emotion or sensation)". I would like to suggest that to feel is to react, to respond instinctually. When one feels, it's almost as … Continue reading Moon in Air Signs


Is The Sports Club Going to Win?

Question: My partner and I are members of a sports club in Dublin. Is the sports club going to win at the GALAs this year? Response: Unfortunately it seems no. Tarot 7 cups. Confusion. Lots of great nominees to choose from. I Ching Hexagram 21, Biting through. The text of hexagram 21 is ambigous "Eradicating. … Continue reading Is The Sports Club Going to Win?

Lazy When Moon is Void-in-Course

I have an excuse for my laziness or lack of productivity today. I think it's because the Moon is void-in-course and my Sun sign is Cancer. My Sun is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is drifting aimlessly for most part of today (although apparently there are different definitions of VOC). As my conscious self … Continue reading Lazy When Moon is Void-in-Course

My Mum Whom I Have Never Quite Known

Life can be filled with regrets. Even if you consciously set out to live a life sans regrets. I felt rather regretful that I have never quite fully known my mother who had left this world. I wished I had spent more time with her, trying to understand and appreciate her as her friends, colleagues, … Continue reading My Mum Whom I Have Never Quite Known

Feeling Fecked-Up

Excuse my french. Feeling fecked up probably describes clients who contact me when the Moon is in via combusta (when the Moon is travelling from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio). And they always, I emphasise always, ask if I'm available for a reading on the same day. Something must have culminated within them … Continue reading Feeling Fecked-Up

Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?

A client is toying with the idea of moving overseas and asked if it's a good idea to do so. I provided her with some thoughts: The move might have been better done and suited to her when she is younger [late ascendant and client is in her late 50s, nearly 60]. It might be … Continue reading Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?