Yeaks! My Hair is Growing Too Quickly!

If I have a choice, I would go to a barber every 1.5 or even 2 months to have a haircut to save a few bob (money in Irish lingo). Yes, yes, I have tried to cut my own hair which I turned out to be extremely ugly, although I might try that again!Read More »


Moon in Air Signs

What does it mean to feel? Is it to have “feelings” of happiness, sadness, grief, etc. Emotional feelings?

Mostly interestingly and unexpectedly, Oxford online dictionary defines the verb “feel” as “Experience (an emotion or sensation)”.

I would like to suggest that to feel is to react, to respond instinctually. When one feels, it’s almost as if the “feelings” is from the wells of the soul. It’s unconscious. It’s what one does naturally.

When natal Moon is in air signs, the person “feels” by thinking. Someone with Moon in Libra told me that when she woke up in the morning and realised that she was violated at night, she reacted by thinking about what had happened, the consequences and the action plan. She said that was her instinctual reaction. She didn’t “feel” per se. Now, that’s an extreme example but one that illustrates the concept very well.

How do you feel?

Lazy When Moon is Void-in-Course

I have an excuse for my laziness or lack of productivity today. I think it’s because the Moon is void-in-course and my Sun sign is Cancer. My Sun is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is drifting aimlessly for most part of today (although apparently there are different definitions of VOC). As my conscious self is ruled by the Moon, I was drifting aimlessly today too.

So, blame my lack of productivity today on the Moon. Bad Moon. Lazy Joseph.


Musing About the Fiery Road

It’s still the via combusta now! For the noobs in astrology, it’s when the Moon is traversing from the zodiac sign Libra 15 degrees to Scorpio 15 degrees. My limited knowledge about via combusta is that it’s primarily of use in horary astrology and that it distresses the Moon i.e. whoever asks the universe a question during this time is likely to be experiencing emotional turbulence. There’s also a school of thought that it’s wise for questions not to be answered during such times.Read More »

My Mum Whom I Have Never Quite Known

Life can be filled with regrets. Even if you consciously set out to live a life sans regrets. I felt rather regretful that I have never quite fully known my mother who had left this world. I wished I had spent more time with her, trying to understand and appreciate her as her friends, colleagues, churchmates and husband had known her. I wish. Sadly, that’s impossible. Or is it?

Through astrology, I like to think that I understand her better as a person. I look at the Moon in my natal chart, which among many other meanings represents my experience of my mother if I had spent more time with her. My Moon is in Aquarius. This suggests the following: she’s more like a friend to me than a mum. She’s terribly open-minded, progressive. She’s like the odd one out in groups that she belongs to. She loves group membership. She’s quirky too. Very individualistic and independent. And rebellious at times. One of a kind. Once she has made up her mind, there’s little that can change it. She has an universal love for people.

That’s some of the information that I glean just from considering the sign of the Moon. I could go on to look at the other planets/Sun that the Moon makes an aspect to. That would very likely flesh out the description of my mother, whom I have never quite known.

Feeling Fecked-Up

Excuse my french. Feeling fecked up probably describes clients who contact me when the Moon is in via combusta (when the Moon is travelling from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio). And they always, I emphasise always, ask if I’m available for a reading on the same day. Something must have culminated within them that prompted them to contact me or other practitioners during those approximately 2.5 days when the moon is in bad form.

Apparently, the Moon doesn’t feel comfortable travelling down the fiery road (via combusta is in latin which means road fiery or burned up). If you are suffering, what do you do? I don’t know about you. But I would want the pain to end asap. It’s time to call my astrologer to find out when it would end.

Olivia Barclay advises discarding charts with the Moon in via combusta. In other words, tell your clients that the heavens don’t have an answer for you right now. Come back later. Barbara Watters said that she used not to observe the rule of turning down her clients for a reading but learnt overtime that readings done during such times are unpredictable and often not to the client’s liking. John Fawley said that all charts are readable. When the Moon is in via combusta, it probably means that the client is in emotional turbulence.

My take on it based on my limited experience with horary astrology is that a reading can still be done. However, the client is very likely to be in some form of emotional distress or his/her emotions are at an all time high. And the answer that they seek might not be the one that gives them hope. Which probably means that you have to counsel them one way or another which is not the skill set of every astrologer. At the very least, emphatise with them and lending support to them is important. Especially in Christian Lilly’s days where a reading probably takes 10-15 minutes. Imagine if Lilly was to have a emotionally distressed person who came to him for a reading. Not that Lilly wouldn’t be capable of handling people’s emotions. But as an astrologer who was asked a question, he has to be honest about his answer in a sensitive way. Thus, removing any morsel of hope residing within the client in pain and worsing the pain.

To answer or not to answer, that’s the question.


Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?

Is it advisable to move overseas horary.png

A client is toying with the idea of moving overseas and asked if it’s a good idea to do so. I provided her with some thoughts:

The move might have been better done and suited to her when she is younger [late ascendant and client is in her late 50s, nearly 60].

It might be challenging to find a support network if that is important to her [ruler of ascendant is Mars, Mars is in combustion as it’s within 8.5 degree of the Sun, though separating so it’s not that bad but still in combustion nevertheless. I interpreted “cannot be seen or cannot see” when a planet is combustion to mean that others can’t see her and she can’t see others. This is fine if she’s into a solitary life who can cope with perhaps the strong feelings of a solitary life].

Whether there is someone involved in the move? She said no. I said the move might be motivated by a impending or current transformation in her profession/social status which might bring fear, insecurity or anxiety. [Mercury conjunct Mars. Mercury might represent someone. Since she said no, what does Mercury mean? It rules the 8th and 10th house and she mentioned the upheavals that she’s facing at work currently].

There might have been opportunities to move overseas in the past, to a place where she has friends or is part of a social group or her dream city/country. However, she might not have capitalised on the opportunity/ies due to whatever reasons, perhaps involving delay or difficulty [Mars applies a separating square to Jupiter].

Personal finances might be an issue and she might find herself being conservative with money and her personal resources [Saturn conjunct 2nd house cusp].

Her emotions seem to be focused on her profession now. Could that be the motivation for her question, to get away from something at work? [Moon conjuncts MC].