Neptune Transits

Rather interestingly, a client was very in touch with spiritual matters when transiting Neptune squared his Venus. He said that he has never been interested in spiritual matters before the transit. During the transit, he started watching Youtube videos on chakras, energy healing, came to me for astrological consultations, encountered spiritual beings, bought loads of crystals and wear them, etc. I looked at his natal … Continue reading Neptune Transits

New Moon Conjunct Neptune

General Interpretation New Moon suggests a new start. New start in what? With Neptune, it could be: On the Physical Level Helping others, contributing to causes Alcohol, drugs, ocean, sea Very sensitive, gentle and spiritually inclined people Deceptive, manipulative people Celebrities – actors, musicians, modern day magicians (people who are not what they seem to be) Chaos, confusion, lost. On the Mental, Feeling Level Imagination, creativity, … Continue reading New Moon Conjunct Neptune

Astro Vocabulary

Pluto Another increase in my astrological vocabulary for Pluto – a profound experience, “transformative” instead of simply “transformation”. Saturn Commitment, committed to xyz, demands, demanding. Instead of “focused”, try “Concerned with” Intense (hmmm, I have always associated Pluto with intensity. But I suppose with Saturn’s laser focus on things, it could certainly be described as intense) Strong attention to Take control. Undertake an inventory. Feel … Continue reading Astro Vocabulary