New Moon Conjunct Neptune

General Interpretation New Moon suggests a new start. New start in what? With Neptune, it could be: On the Physical Level Helping others, contributing to causes Alcohol, drugs, ocean, sea Very sensitive, gentle and spiritually inclined people Deceptive, manipulative people Celebrities – actors, musicians, modern day magicians (people who are not what they seem to be) Chaos, confusion, lost. On the Mental, Feeling Level Imagination, creativity, … Continue reading New Moon Conjunct Neptune

The Crazy Me

It’s less than 12 hours to a new Moon. This time is considered malefic but it will be a great for concealment and confinement – think sending new prisoners to jail. Never mind me. I’m bullshitting here on the prisoners part. I’m putting on studying intently a book on using astrology for gambling just because of the new Moon, for fear of a horrible start. … Continue reading The Crazy Me