Pluto in 5th House

At home, we have been watching two series on Netflix: Death in Paradise and How to Get Away With Murder. It suddenly occurred to me that these TV series fit nicely into the symbolism of Pluto (death/murder/something hidden and taboo) in 5th House (entertainment, recreation)! I suppose it’s no coincidence that transiting Pluto is opposing my natal Sun and themes relating to my natal Pluto … Continue reading Pluto in 5th House

Pluto in 5th

Pluto is known as the god of the underworld. Pause for a minute and revel in that. God of the underworld. It’s a big big deal isn’t it. What do you know about the underworld? I know very little of it despite reading or hearing the stories of it. It’s shrouded in mystery. It’s a different universe. A place that we don’t naturally gravitate to or generally talk about, compared to e.g. heavens.  Continue reading “Pluto in 5th”