Pluto Transits

Sheldon Cooper in Season 7, episode 24 "The Status Quo Combustion" reminds me of a Pluto transit. Life seems to be falling apart for poor Sheldon. What is he rebuilding from the debris?


To lose is to gain

Some nights ago, I was struggling with the meaning of Hexagram #41 of I Ching. It advised that to decrease or to lose something is "good". In fact, the translated message was "Supreme good fortune". I was mentally stuck. How can losing something ever be considered positive, never mind "Supreme good fortune"? For example, losing … Continue reading To lose is to gain

Trusting that you are loved for who you are

There is something very alluring in what I read just now: The individual (with a Venus-Pluto aspect) needs to trust that another person will really love them - and all of them, not just their beauty, their sex-appeal, their power or their money. The lesson for the type is often to learn to risk giving … Continue reading Trusting that you are loved for who you are