Progressed Full Moon

I mentioned in an earlier post about the seeds that are planted during a progressed new Moon phase that are blossomed during the progressed full Moon phase. This principal hasn’t quite worked for me. It’s on my to-do list to consider. However, I can see it working for some clients of mine. E.g. Hugo has his progressed new Moon in Cancer and in the 8th … Continue reading Progressed Full Moon

Progressed Full Moon Phase

Up to now, I have always thought of the progressed full Moon phase as a culmination of one’s career which certainly applies to me and the majority of my clients. Recently, I had a client Arnott who certainly did not experience the culmination of his career or whatsoever. Instead, he started going to a counsellor for the first time in his life to explore his issues.   He explained that the time period of the progressed full Moon was a time of illumination. Which is brilliant as that’s a typical keyword used in astro texts. Incidentally, his natal Moon is in the 12th house.  Continue reading “Progressed Full Moon Phase”