Progressed Moon Quincunx IC

On Solar Fire, the progression showed as progressed moon semi-sextile MC which led to me thinking whether there’s any event that happened in my career or future aims. No. My mother (MC) is no longer with us. Bosses (MC)? Actually, one of them suspected that her family has Covid-19 due to a close contact. Her child has high fever. I wondered whether the progressed Moon … Continue reading Progressed Moon Quincunx IC

Progressed Moon Conjunct North Node in Solar Return

The conjunction took place on Monday morning. The North Node in the Solar Return is in Gemini in the 11th house. Nothing obvious came to my mind. Except that I had bought 3 books in the evening. They are on thai massage, shiatsu massage and yoga. A North Node symbolises a fated event, thing or person that has an impact on a person, something a … Continue reading Progressed Moon Conjunct North Node in Solar Return

Progressed Moon in 11th

Hmmm, Ms Turner’s progressed Moon entered the 11th in Dec 2016. She quit her job of 10 years. She felt that she’s working towards her hopes and wishes. Interestingly, she volunteered for a charitable organisation recently. She has not been a member of a group for years. So it’s interesting that her public self includes being a member of that well-known organisation.     Continue reading Progressed Moon in 11th

A Gardening Story / Progressed Moon Phases

I have struggled with my personal interpretation of the progressed moon phases using the analogy of a seed for some time. What follows is a version that I’m finally comfortable with. I think it’s important to concentrate on the four main phases – new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. The text of these four main phases are in bold below. The intermediary phases between the main phases are subsidiary to the main phases in my opinion. Continue reading “A Gardening Story / Progressed Moon Phases”