Client and Therapist Dynamics

I was preparing for an astrology reading which is focused on the future as requested by the client (duh). I happened to glance at the client’s birth chart to see the synastery i.e. compatibility between the client and I. I focused on the interchart aspects: Sun squares Sun Mars opposes Mars Sun squares Mars twice Saturn opposes Sun (I was the Sun) Wow. I made … Continue reading Client and Therapist Dynamics

Using transiting Mars to time lengthy transits

I’m going through a Saturn transit that opposes my natal Sun in the second house of finances and investments. The transit started from January 2020 and should end around November 2020, using a 1 degree orb. However with Saturn, the effects of the transit could be delayed and manifest post November 2020. On last Friday night Irish time, transiting Mars (in natal 7th house) squared … Continue reading Using transiting Mars to time lengthy transits

Saturn-Sun Transit

More specifically, Saturn conjunct Sun transit. This transit has often been described a climax or culmination of the Saturn oppose Sun transit that took place 14 years ago. Mr Stiller came to me about his relationship. He will go through a Saturn oppose Sun transit next year. The interesting thing is that his relationship started exactly 14 years ago. So, it’s very possible that this … Continue reading Saturn-Sun Transit