Saturn Transits and Progressions

I read parts of a book MageMother by Austin Bailey. It talks about the tests that a character in the book had to go through to prove herself worthy and trustable. The tests revolve around the character’s deepest fears. Reading those few pages reminded me of Saturn transits and progressions, especially hard ones. We encounter and are asked to confront our fears. It’s like a … Continue reading Saturn Transits and Progressions

Saturn is About Celebrations!

I didn’t catch on to mythology, especially Liz Greene’s prolific use of myths in her books, when it comes to learning astrology. However, I was thoroughly impressed when I read that the Romans called Saturn Saturnus, known as the god of agriculture and harvest who founded civilization and the social order. The great feasts of Saturnalia is held annually in the winter. Continue reading “Saturn is About Celebrations!”

Astro Vocabulary

Pluto Another increase in my astrological vocabulary for Pluto – a profound experience, “transformative” instead of simply “transformation”. Saturn Commitment, committed to xyz, demands, demanding. Instead of “focused”, try “Concerned with” Intense (hmmm, I have always associated Pluto with intensity. But I suppose with Saturn’s laser focus on things, it could certainly be described as intense) Strong attention to Take control. Undertake an inventory. Feel … Continue reading Astro Vocabulary

Saturn Cycles

An exploratory post on Saturn cycles. Questions to be answered:

  1. What’s Saturn cycles?
  2. Why might they be felt more keenly than other cycles?
  3. What are the ages involved in Saturn cycles?
  4. What’s the difference between Saturn return, opposition, squares, sextiles and trines? What’s the difference between a waxing and a waning aspect?
  5. What’s the difference between the first, second and third Saturn cycles?
  6. What’s likely to “happen” internally and/or externally during Saturn cycles?
  7. How to make the best of Saturn cycles?

Continue reading “Saturn Cycles”

A Look at Saturn

What is the Principle of Saturn? Saturn limits and restricts. Where Does a Person Experience Saturn? Depending on your perspective, life may exist on various planes. One way of dividing life is into these four planes and the corresponding dimension of a human being: Physical plane – our physical body Astral – our feelings and emotions Mental – our mind Spiritual – our intuition This … Continue reading A Look at Saturn