Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Solar Return Descendant

Over the years, I have found the transit of an outer planet conjuncting an angle in a solar return chart to be extremely accurate in forecasting events, when the time of birth is accurate. When I was reflecting on the Jupiter transiting over my solar return DES yesterday, I couldn’t for the life of me thinking of something expansive, opportunistic, freedom related that had happened … Continue reading Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Solar Return Descendant

Solar Returns & Lunar Returns

I’m on day 3 exploring using lunar returns as a timing tool for solar returns. Right now, I’m focussing on whether there’s any merit in identifying lunar returns with a planet in the same house as a solar return. In a previous post, the Uranus in 10th in a lunar return indicated the month when I did think of changing my career to computing/IT and … Continue reading Solar Returns & Lunar Returns

Solar Returns – What’s the Big Messages?

Solar returns can be a very useful tool in a predictive/forecasting astrologer’s toolbox. My relationship with solar returns has changed over time. I used to be very detailed when using them. The current flavour of the month for me is to extract the big messages from them to identify any key messages that are not covered in transits. In any case, I think it’s useful to do a 10 to 15 minutes reading using the solar return (SR) chart before or after delving into transits. Continue reading “Solar Returns – What’s the Big Messages?”