Sun in 7th – Solar Returns

Clearly, when the SR Sun is in the 7th, there’s a focus on relationships – partner – life, business or romantic, colleague, open enemy e.g. if you are a sportsman, surely the 7th represents your competition as well. The question is if we are talking about life partner, what’s the nature of this focus? Is it about: Moving house? 4th Starting a family, having a … Continue reading Sun in 7th – Solar Returns

Sun in 7th – Solar Return

I was looking at a solar return of a client for this year. Let’s call her Margaret. The Sun is smacked on the 7th. I said to Margaret that relationships would be a big focus for her this year. She had a puzzled look on her face. I ventured further. There could be quite a lot of communication with your husband as Mercury is next to the Sun. Mercury rules the 5th so there could be communication or thoughts about children. Continue reading “Sun in 7th – Solar Return”