Client and Therapist Dynamics

I was preparing for an astrology reading which is focused on the future as requested by the client (duh). I happened to glance at the client’s birth chart to see the synastery i.e. compatibility between the client and I. I focused on the interchart aspects: Sun squares Sun Mars opposes Mars Sun squares Mars twice Saturn opposes Sun (I was the Sun) Wow. I made … Continue reading Client and Therapist Dynamics

Sun Opposite Mars – Synastry

This is a clashing aspect. Both are masculine luminary/planets. Both yang and are at opposite ends, having different perspectives. Sure, they have something common between them – their modality and complementary signs but it’s a fine and tricky act to balance both, just like a weighing scale. When one acts, the other has to let go and conciliate, like a saw-see in the playground. Otherwise, … Continue reading Sun Opposite Mars – Synastry