Why You Might Feel Shitty the Month Before Your Birthday

Some weeks ago before my birthday, I was feeling out of sorts. Everything don’t seem to be working out. My life was (and still is) falling apart. Oh God, help me!Read More »


How do You Recharge Yourself?

When you had a shitty day and feel absolutely drained, devoid of vitality, what is the quickest way for you to be up and running again? Or worse still, you had the worst morning ever and there’s an afternoon left where you need to work. What do you do to recharge yourself?

For me, it’s banging on the piano or screeching on the violin. 10-15 minutes of that and I’m almost ready to go. I have tried other ways – binging on crappy food, going for long walks, meditation, qi gong, tai chi but they are not as effective and efficient as the actual playing of a musical instrument.

I wonder whether we can discover quicker and better ways to recharge ourselves using astrology. According to famed astrologer Arroyo, it seems that the element of the natal Sun provides a clue as to how we deplete and recharge our energy. Personally, I haven’t found consistent results based on his suggestion. Currently, I’m leaning towards the idea that we recharge by doing activities associated with our dominant element(s) and sign(s) i.e. by considering the element/sign of our personal and social planets, our Ascendant and Midheaven.


Burned and Blinded

In horary astrology, combustion happens when the querent’s significator is within 8.5 degrees of the Sun.

Imagine with me – the big glorious Sun is there somewhere. A giant ball of fire, splurting solar flares everywhere. The heat is incredible. It’s like a furnance. Throw a roast chicken that needs cooking somewhere near the Sun and the chicken turns into ashes. The light from the Sun is immensely bright. So bright that you may be blind from looking at it directly – or that’s what my parents and teachers tell me when I was young.

Now, imagine if you or a person is very near that Sun. What happens to you? Firstly, you will suffer from 3rd degree burn and may even die from it, Secondly, you can’t see. In fact you are blinded. Equally, if and when others look you, they can’t see you too.

Fawley, an imminent horary astrologer, states that

“If this planet (in combustion) cannot see, the person it signifies cannot see reason. The querent whose significator is combust will not take any notice of the judgement. The lamentable truth of this is repeated in chart after chart.”

I tend to agree with Fawley (I know I should quote Christian Lilly but not now!). If you are suffering from 3rd degree burns and blind, would you care about what the astrologer is telling you? Your main concern is survive and stay alive!

A client’s significator was in combustion. Thank God that his significator is separating from the Sun. The worst is over for him though he’s still burned and blinded. He’s going through the pits right now and I suspect that he’s sucidal. I hope he pulls through this difficult time.