Let’s Make a Magic Potion!

The ideas are extracted and based on Donna Cunningham‘s Making Yourself a Birthday Essence at the Solar Return. This magic portion (all right, it’s not magic per se but you get the idea) helps you to take advantage of the opportunities in the solar year and strengthens you against the challenges. Here’s the suggested steps to making the potion: Print out a copy of your … Continue reading Let’s Make a Magic Potion!

Burned and Blinded

In horary astrology, combustion happens when the querent’s significator is within 8.5 degrees of the Sun. Imagine with me – the big glorious Sun is there somewhere. A giant ball of fire, splurting solar flares everywhere. The heat is incredible. It’s like a furnance. Throw a roast chicken that needs cooking somewhere near the Sun and the chicken turns into ashes. The light from the … Continue reading Burned and Blinded