Mercury Opposite Pluto Interchart Synastry

Pluto has the last say. When Pluto says “No.”, that’s the end of the conversation, if you can call that one. Pluto has the last say, he holds the power and control over what’s being said. I imagine Mercury is the one who initiates conversations, just like Hermes flew into hell to deliver a message to Hades, that is if Hermes could get out alive. … Continue reading Mercury Opposite Pluto Interchart Synastry

Sun Opposite Mars – Synastry

This is a clashing aspect. Both are masculine luminary/planets. Both yang and are at opposite ends, having different perspectives. Sure, they have something common between them – their modality and complementary signs but it’s a fine and tricky act to balance both, just like a weighing scale. When one acts, the other has to let go and conciliate, like a saw-see in the playground. Otherwise, … Continue reading Sun Opposite Mars – Synastry

Mars Square/Opposite Mars Synastry

Let’s start with the positive of this aspect – for gay sex (both male), the tension of especially the square, makes sex mind blowing. It’s almost as if one is edging the other on, figuratively and literally. It can be animalistic as well, although that might be better described by Mars – Pluto synastry. I suppose also, in competitive sports where one party must win … Continue reading Mars Square/Opposite Mars Synastry

Strange. Why the Leos All of a Sudden?

I’m starting to see a trend. Quite a few of my recent repeat customers’ natal chart have an emphasis on Leo. Never mind the outer planets as people born in my generation have the same sign. However, my natal Venus is in Leo. So, there’s definitely some synastry there as Sun conjunct Venus is a recipe for attraction. But more importantly, my Moon is in … Continue reading Strange. Why the Leos All of a Sudden?

Oppositions in Synastry

Opposites attract. Or do they really? Oppositions in a natal chart symbolises some kind of polarity to be balanced with. They create tension (not as much as squares I think) but they could lead to awareness and consciousness. Oppositions can symbolise partnership and relationships, similar to the 1st opposite 7th house relationship. So, it’s no surprise that there are certain oppositions in interchart pairings which … Continue reading Oppositions in Synastry

How Enduring is Your Relationship?

I’m back to reading Lois Haines Sargent “How to Handle Your Human Relations” this evening. It’s an old astrology book that’s highly recommended for astrologers. Sargent listed various factors to consider to determine whether a relationship is enduring. Let’s put some of her concepts into practice. Adrian and I Our Suns trine each other My ASC is Gemini. His Mercury is in his DES sign. … Continue reading How Enduring is Your Relationship?

Sun square Pluto Synastry

Traditional interpretations assume that it’s the person with the Pluto that’s the baddie and the controlling person while the person with the Sun is on the receiving end. However, as with relationships, projection can take place i.e. the person with the Pluto projects his/her Pluto onto the partner instead. Pluto says what you are doing or actually who you are isn’t good enough. Do it … Continue reading Sun square Pluto Synastry