For Late Bloomers

This post is for the (potential) late bloomers or people who felt left behind in life in one way or another.

Have you ever wondered why others are way ahead of you or seem to be doing better than you when it comes to any of the following?

  • being healthy, having a body of your desire
  • profession, career, social standing
  • romantic and business relationships
  • home, family, settling down, parents
  • finances, self-esteem, developing your strengths and talents
  • self-identity, self-expression, having kids, creativity, all things fun
  • friends and social groups, your hopes and dreams
  • communication, thinking, networking
  • education, beliefs, spirituality
  • recovering from an illness, effective daily (work) routine
  • your partner’s finances, emotional intimacy

I don’t know about you. But I feel that my school and university peers are way ahead of me in many of the above areas (FYI- in eight areas). And no, I am not putting myself down or being too hard on myself.

Call it fate, destiny or whatever you want. Wherever the planet Saturn makes a contact in our natal chart is the area of life where progress may be delayed. Look for:

  • the house containing Saturn
  • the houses ruled or co-ruled by Saturn i.e. the house with Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusp
  • the planets aspected by Saturn and the houses ruled or co-ruled by these planets

The delay could be due to a variety of reasons: fear, insecurity, limits imposed by self, family, society or events that are beyond our control, etc. Usually time is the antidote. That is assuming that with time comes experience, maturity, patience, skill, discipline, hard work, all of which lead to accomplishment. And that is the treasure of Saturn, to be accomplished and masters of something.

I know we didn’t choose this slow and tough life. Actually, we didn’t choose a lot of things too (unless you are from the karma school of thought) – our nationality, gender, the colour of our skin, eyes, sexual orientation, the freak accidents that happen to us, and many other things.

But you know what? We can choose our attitude to it. Hang on my tortortise friend. It gets better with time. It gets better.


What Time is it??? & Body Types

A client called yesterday and explained his situation to me. I panicked briefly. What time is it? Usually my laptop is switched on when a client calls me. But yesterday was the exception. I don’t have my watch nearby (who wears them nowadays. Oh my god! I’m going to get a pocket watch! … once I make enough money that is).

I started the computer to look at the time while the client continued to talk. Ok, the screen is up. It’s 2:18pm. We had been talking for some time since I understood his question. So, maybe the question was born at about 2:15pm or 2:16pm. I hardly think a minute would make a difference. That is until the chart was generated.

Hmmm. The questioned asked relates to his child. At 2:15pm, Jupiter would signify his son while the planet would change to Saturn at 2:16pm. Which one would it be? I suppose I have to ask him to describe his son to me. If his son is somewhat short to biggish in height, biggish in build, somewhat fleshy and soft-bodied [Jupiter is in 14 degrees Libra. Jupiter is in its term], his son would be Jupiter. If however, his son is tall and slimmish, somewhat fleshy and having a darker complexion and/or hair [Saturn is in 23 degrees Sagittarius. It is in its term and face], then Saturn is the planet.

It turned out that his son is represented by Saturn based on his description. So, the client’s question was born and delivered at 2:16pm or the last few seconds of 2:15pm.

Who would have thought that a few seconds would make such a difference? It’s fortunate that we could describe the general build of a person using astrology! Lesson learnt: keep a watch around you. Or better still, wear it.