Timing Technique in Solar Returns

I had numerous client consultations on Sunday. I was looking at my transits, progressions, directions and couldn’t find anything to account for it. And then, I saw that transiting Sun conjunct Jupiter in my solar return the next day. Jupiter – the planet of expansion and abundance! Jupiter rules the 10th and 7th in my natal chart. Ah ha! The timing is off by one … Continue reading Timing Technique in Solar Returns

Timing in Solar Returns

A timing technique in solar returns (SR) is to check for conjunctions of transiting outer planet against SR angles. Usually, that is done during the period of the SR. I have found that you can check for the conjunctions up to 2.5 months before the period of the SR. I don’t think there’s a fixed rule on how far back to look. But 2.5 months certainly worked for me and my clients.  Continue reading “Timing in Solar Returns”