Pluto in 5th House

At home, we have been watching two series on Netflix: Death in Paradise and How to Get Away With Murder. It suddenly occurred to me that these TV series fit nicely into the symbolism of Pluto (death/murder/something hidden and taboo) in 5th House (entertainment, recreation)! I suppose it’s no coincidence that transiting Pluto is opposing my natal Sun and themes relating to my natal Pluto … Continue reading Pluto in 5th House

Squares in Transits

This post applies to other forecasting techniques e.g. progressions, directions as well, I think. I used to wonder in the past why certain astrological authors wrote that cupid’s arrow strikes for a single when there’s a trine or sextile or conjunction to the Descendant or the 7th ruler, especially when Jupiter’s transiting. I wondered why can’t a square or opposition from a transiting planet to … Continue reading Squares in Transits

Semisextiles in Transits

Based on my limited experience with transits, I have come to the preliminary conclusion that semisextiles in transits are rather subtle in their influence, almost like the strength of a cup of tea made using a tea bag that has been reused several times – weak and diluted. Usually, there are quite a number of other transits, especially those involving the hard aspects, that are … Continue reading Semisextiles in Transits