Progressed Charts

Yikes, I have a progressed Venus conjunct progressed Saturn coming up, without reference to my natal chart. According to Brady, a hallmark of a non-natal chart related progression is the display of an unshakable faith or determination without compromise. There is an exhibition of intense desires arising from deep inside, from the center of being, from God or from intuition. The person is driven by … Continue reading Progressed Charts

Venus-Saturn – Synastry

I had a couple who has among various other testing aspects, a Saturn square Venus inter-aspect which is rather tight. On first sight, it’s controlling love which resonates with the woman who has the Venus: “He’s controlling all right.” There was another inter-aspect – Saturn conjunct Mars where the woman has the Mars. Thinking fatalistically, it almost feels as if the Saturn square Venus is … Continue reading Venus-Saturn – Synastry

Shall I Break Up With Her?

Senor Patisserie said that he’s thinking of breaking up with his girlfriend, Madame Avoca. He doesn’t know where this relationship is heading to and because of his previous divorce, he’s shy of relationships. [he has a Venus-Saturn aspect natally which can translate into a desire for definition and clarity in a relationship a.k.a. he wants to know definitively whether they will live happily ever after. If not, he wants to cut the losses now. The aspect could also translate to a fear of love/relationships because of past experiences].  Continue reading “Shall I Break Up With Her?”