A Good Luck Charm for Secret Affairs

I’m back to exploring the creation of good luck charms or talismans. Since it’s Friday, the day of Venus and the planetary hour of Venus started about 10 minutes ago, I was excited to start my rusty practice of creating a Venus charm which purportedly is great for things like love, friendship, happiness, enjoyment and the good stuff in life. I was about to get … Continue reading A Good Luck Charm for Secret Affairs

Transiting Venus in 1st House

I remembered reading an astrology book by a Canadian astrologer. She said that love knocks when transiting Venus is in the 1st house (or was it in the solar first house?). Unfortunately, I don’t have enough evidence to validate the concept. I am however very skeptical that love knocks when Venus transits in the first house. Venus can represent so many things – currency, enjoyment, … Continue reading Transiting Venus in 1st House

Increase Your Chances of Finding Love

Astrology is supposed to make life better, well at least to me anyway. So, practically speaking, how can we use astrology to increase your chances of finding love? Assuming your natal chart does not deny love or relationship, I think love searches or the first few meetings with dates should be conducted when: It’s between a new Moon and full Moon Avoid the first 24 hours … Continue reading Increase Your Chances of Finding Love

Venus Transits

I have been looking at Venus transits, more specifically soft aspects – conjunctions, trines and sextiles today. Nothing of significance struck me on those days. I had expected money, possessions, pleasure, popularity, love affairs on those days. Nada. Nothing at all. Okay, except when transiting Venus conjunct my natal MC and transits in my natal 10th house – this seems to bring in a few clients which I’m thankful for. Continue reading “Venus Transits”

Astrology is Divine

It finally dawned on me that regardless of the label that an astrologer tags himself with i.e. astrologer, counselling astrologer, counsellor (!), spiritual guide, etc, what he does is rather divine. Merriam Webster defines divine as “of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God”. And yes, your own version of “God”, not necessarily the biblical God. Continue reading “Astrology is Divine”

What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

I have always found the role of Venus and Mars in heterosexual and homosexual men and women confusing. What follows are my thoughts on the subject which is a work in progress. Amongst many things, Venus and Mars represent the femininity and the masculinity principle respectively. The key is to know: the principle a person identify herself/himself with; and the principle the person identifies for … Continue reading What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

Trusting that you are loved for who you are

There is something very alluring in what I read just now: The individual (with a Venus-Pluto aspect) needs to trust that another person will really love them – and all of them, not just their beauty, their sex-appeal, their power or their money. The lesson for the type is often to learn to risk giving the other person enough space to find out if they … Continue reading Trusting that you are loved for who you are