Never Make an Important Purchase During Void of Course

I bought a digital piano and other stuff from Thomann recently. I had GREAT experiences with them in the past. However, this time, the order that I have placed went somewhat horribly wrong. I told myself that I will check the chart for the time I placed the order for the past one week but didn’t get around to it until today. The first thing … Continue reading Never Make an Important Purchase During Void of Course

Musing About the Fiery Road

It’s still the via combusta now! For the noobs in astrology, it’s when the Moon is traversing from the zodiac sign Libra 15 degrees to Scorpio 15 degrees. My limited knowledge about via combusta is that it’s primarily of use in horary astrology and that it distresses the Moon i.e. whoever asks the universe a question during this time is likely to be experiencing emotional turbulence. There’s also a school of thought that it’s wise for questions not to be answered during such times. Continue reading “Musing About the Fiery Road”

Shall I Return to Employment?

Mr Hiroshi has a source of income which is causing him much grief. There’s an opportunity in the horizon which promises high rewards but it is uncertain whether the profits can be realised. He wonders whether it’s better to return to employment. He has not been employed for many years but it’s a theoretical option that he’s toying with. Continue reading “Shall I Return to Employment?”

Feeling Fecked-Up

Excuse my french. Feeling fecked up probably describes clients who contact me when the Moon is in via combusta (when the Moon is travelling from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio). And they always, I emphasise always, ask if I’m available for a reading on the same day. Something must have culminated within them that prompted them to contact me or other practitioners during … Continue reading Feeling Fecked-Up