Horary: Whether to Accept the Proposition?

A friend approached the client on a proposition to submit a tender for a catering concession that is recently vacant in a local museum. The question is whether to accept the proposition? No.

[1st ruler is Sun in Aquarius in 7th. There is no applying aspect between the two. Moon as co-significator of the querent. Moon applies to Saturn by conjunction with no reception. In any case, it is a debilitated Moon in its sign of fall. Let’s take the Moon as the business partnership. Before Moon applies to the Sun by square with no reception, the Moon must go pass Saturn, the friend, Venus in 8th and Mars. It seems that there’s a fair bit of obstacles. There’s no collection of lights. Translation of lights by Moon is out as we have seen above. Mercury has long past both planets. Venus has to pass Jupiter and Uranus before translating the light from Saturn to the Sun. Quite a lot of blockages.]

The client’s financial situation isn’t the best. I question whether she has the financial resources to invest in the catering opportunity. [Sun rules 2nd as well. Sun in its sign of debility. 10th ruler is Mars in Pisces which is in peregrine.]

Her friend is not very enthusiastic about the business proposition. In any case, she would be extremely cautious about the idea possibly because of her concern with her personal finances which aren’t the best right now. [Saturn is slower than usual. Saturn rules 1st, 2nd and 12th]

I would be cautious about the business partnership. There’s possibly something that they are not aware of relating to the catering concession. The client will approach her friend to say no. The friendship may take a beating over it. But the decision is beneficial to her career and children (?). [Let the Moon represent the business catering opportunity. Moon separated from a Pluto recently. Moon applies to Venus by trine in its sign of detriment. Moon then applies to Mars which rules 10th and 5th by trine in its sign.]

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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrologer

[Appleby considered the 5th house as he considered the tender for a catering concession as a speculative venture. I disregarded that consideration as the essence of the question is whether to form a business partnership with the friend.]

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