Understand Yourself and Others Using Real Astrology

Conducted by one of the few astrologers in Ireland (i.e. Joseph), in this free one hour and 15 minutes online workshop on 16 March 2021 Tuesday, 7pm GMT (i.e. 7pm Irish/UK time), you will:

  • Discover what is ‘real’ western astrology (hint: it’s not what you read in magazines and newspaper)
  • Be introduced to your very own personal life manual
  • Glimpse (a part of) the story to your life journey and self-identity
  • Determine when a new chapter/sequel of the story to your life starts
  • Understand who you get along with

This workshop suits anyone who is open-minded, a relatively quick/fluid learner as this workshop will be rather fast paced and hands-on, and have a zero/minimal knowledge of astrology.

Sign up for this free workshop here. You will receive a link for the online workshop and some preparatory activities before the workshop (optional but strongly recommended).

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