How’s the Interview Going to be Like?

Nothing in common between the interviewer and interviewee. Interviewee hates the style of the interviewer. Interviewer can’t relate to interviewee. [Look at applying aspects between the 1st ruler and 7th ruler to see whether there’s harmony between the two. Mars and Venus – there’s no applying aspect. In fact, Mars is in its sign of fall when interacting with Venus.]

The interviewer is very keen to fill the position and seeks out the interviewee.  [Venus is the faster planet between the two of them. Venus is travelling much faster than usual. Mars is travelling at its average speed.]

Interviewee is very keen and willing to take on the job. [Mars on 10th]

Interviewer is burned out from his/her job or burned out from a private matter or home matter. Consequently he/she can’t see clearly. [Venus is in combustion. Sun rules 10th or turned 4th].

The interview will seem to go well but then seem to be so-so after considering all applicants. News that there’s no job offer comes easily and quickly. [Moon is its sign of exaltation before moving into a sign of peregrine. Moon sextiles Saturn with no major reception. Saturn is in its sign of detriment and rules 3rd and 4th.]

The job may be a source of stress for the interviewee. Or it could mean that the interviewee’s career is a source of stress and anxiety for him. [10th ruler in 8th.]

The interview wouldn’t go well. [Moon is on the fixed star Alycone.]

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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology

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