Another Look at Solar Returns

I had a client whose Sun is in the 8th house of his solar return. The only aspect made by the Sun is a square to the MC. So, we know that his career/future is subject to some form of transformation or at least deep and penetrative feelings and thoughts. Given that the client’s natal Sun is in the 2nd house, the transformation and/or feelings are probably due to the client’s sense of vitality from his personal resources including money.

What else more can say about the SR Sun in the 8th house other than understanding the natal Sun and the SR MC in detail? How about looking the midpoint of the SR Sun? Here it is:

SU = UR/PL (3′) = MO/NN (1°27′) = MO/MA (1°27′). Let’s focus on the tightest midpoint i.e. UR/PL. As if the SR Sun being in the 8th house of death, other people’s resources, taxes, etc isn’t enough, we have SU = UR/PL. According to COSI, UR/PL represents the principle of the process of transformation, revolution, collapse of the older and construction of the new. It goes on to say other things. Probable positive manifestations which I’m hoping is relevant for the client are “attainment of great objectives by an immense application of effort, bringing new things into being, creation of new conditions of living”

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