Which Career to Choose?

I have been trained in modern (psychological) astrology methods. Of recent times, I have found that it doesn’t quite provide me with the insights that I want.

In modern astrology, to determine or to glean some insights on one’s career, you would perhaps look at the house location of the MC ruler. And perhaps consider the planets in the 10th, aspects made to the 10th ruler and planets in the 10th, etc. Using this method, I have a client who doesn’t have any planets in the 10th, her MC ruler is Saturn in Cancer which conjuncts her 4th in Cancer. It would seem that she could work from home, specializes in providing a safe and secure foundations for others e.g. counselling, involved in family work, or is involved in home, land, hidden treasures e.g. gems, or most literally a stay at home mom. Guess what she’s a tax partner.

I had tried William Lilly’s method of determining a suitable vocation/career using horary methods thrice and they worked like a charm. Basically, you consider which is the strongest i.e. dignified planet: the ASC ruler, MC ruler, Mars or Venus. Then consider the sign of the strongest planet and extrapolate the sign to various careers themes. For example, if the strongest planet is in Libra, potential career options may involve anything of:

  • Beauty, harmony, balance e.g. artist
  • Law e.g. solicitor, legal clerk
  • One-to-one relationships e.g. salesperson

I recalled reading in a textbook on medieval astrology about the consideration of the Moon and Sun (?) as well in order to consider one’s career.

I’m gradually turning to the other side – traditional astrology as it seems to explain “things” better for me.


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